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WellPutt 13ft High Speed Golf Putting Training Mat

  • $169.00

Putting represents 30-45% of all strokes made in an 18 hole round or at least 32 putts. However, most recreational golfers spend 90% of their practice time hitting the driver which is used maybe 12 -14 times. PGA Tour players know how important it is to practice putting before a tournament and will use the same proven drills that the WellPutt mat provides. Using the WellPutt Mat will train proper alignment, feel, and ball speed into your putting stroke that are essential to becoming a good putter and the quickest way to lower scores.


  • Length: 13 ft
  • Width: 1.64 ft
  • Stimp meter speed: 10/11.5 ft
  • Weight: 4.28 lbs
  • Approved by Cameron McCormick
  • Aiming & speed control training
  • More than 50 practice exercises
  • Wellputt App for iOS & android