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Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Laser Rangefinder

  • $189.99

The Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Rangefinder is everything you can ask for in a distance measuring device for golf, at an affordable cost. It is the perfect blend of technology, precision, and versatility. Navigate your way around the course with confidence and get your distances right. Blue Tees Golf is committed to making golf equipment accessible for everyone. We want to dispel the notion that golf is expensive with our range of premium, high-quality golf equipment. In addition to helping you measure long distances with absolute precision, this laser distance finder also makes for an excellent birthday gift for men and women golfers alike. It is particularly a must-have for those golfers who are looking to improve their game.

The confidence you need to play from the Blue Tees, the Series 2 expertly dials in your distances and makes club selection easy. Simple to use, the Series 2 is the perfect combination of size, accuracy, and advanced technology

Powered by flag lock technology, the Series 2 identifies and locks onto the subject, even with overlapping objects in the background and admits a pulse vibration to confirm that you have locked on to the target. The Series 2 is built to take on any course with a tough shockproof design, water resistant, and 800-yard range with accuracy up to +/-1 yard. Stay dialed in and swing with confidence 100% of the time.

  • PRECISE AND CRYSTAL CLEAR: The Blue Tees Golf Series 2 Rangefinder is the best of accuracy, size, and technology. With 6x magnification, EZ Optic Focus for HD experience, and a sturdy, handheld design, play at the top of your golf game.
  • LONGER YARDAGE: Measure tour-level distances with ease, courtesy of the 800 yards range with an accuracy of +/- 1 yard. Select golf clubs with confidence and get those winning puts right.
  • PULSE-VIBRATION TARGET LOCK: With advanced Flag Lock technology, the scope emits short, vibrating pulses to confirm the lock onto your target. Perfect when measuring distances on courses with overlapping subjects like wooded areas, flags, and wilderness.
  • TOURNAMENT LEGAL: This laser distance finder comes without slope technology, making it legal for use in tournaments as per USGA rules. Whether you are practicing your game or moving up on the tour, it is a must-have golf accessory to have in your golf bag.
  • BUILT FOR THE COURSE: The water-resistant, sturdy exterior casing of the scope makes it excellent for all weather conditions including rain. Hunting, archery, the Blue Tees Golf laser range finder has got you covered in measuring yardage.