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Frogger Amphibian Golf Towel (4 Colors Available)

  • $29.95

The pros only hit with clean clubs. Shouldn't you? The Original Amphibian Towel® is the only golf towel that stays wet and dry, rain or shine, to help you get maximum performance from your clubs - and increase accuracy and distance. 

The Amphibian® Towel is the secret weapon for better shots with all your clubs in any weather. You will be that fully-prepared golfer with a WET interior and DRY exterior for cleaning clubs in sunny weather. Conversely, the Amphibian Towel acts like an umbrella in the rain, providing a dry interior towel for hands and grips and a wet exterior towel for cleaning clubs. A carabiner securely attaches the Amphibian Towel to your golf bag. 

The Amphibian Towel® is double the size of a standard golf towel - to clean clubs for superior performance, and keep hands and grips dry.

The Ultimate Towel for any Weather:
  • Two 28" X 14" Towels in one (twice the surface area of a standard golf towel)
  • Waterproof interior membrane keeps wet and dry towels separate
  • 100% Bamboo1 terry inside absorbs 3X more water than cotton and dries 3X as fast.
  • Bamboo cloth is naturally anti-fungal and anti-microbial
  • Plush woven cotton jacquard outside
  • Handy pull tabs keep hands dry while opening towel with ease
Instructions - On a Dry Day
Wet the interior bamboo1 terry towel to clean clubs and use the exterior cotton jacquard towel to dry them.

Instructions - On a Rainy Day
Leave the interior bamboo terry towel dry and allow the exterior cotton jacquard towel to get wet. Use the interior towel to dry club grips and hands. The wet exterior towel is now perfect for cleaning clubs.
Washer/dryer safe (wash before initial use)
Detach carabiner before laundering

Hang Dry Instructions:
Hang wet towel on the exterior to dry. To hang bamboo terry towel on exterior, reverse towel inside out and attach the removable carabiner through both loops found at the bottom towel corners and reattach to golf bag.

Bamboo1 Towel as defined by the FTC means "Viscose from Bamboo"