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I Gotcha 18ft Aluminum Golf Ball Retriever (Biggest)

I Gotcha 18ft Aluminum Golf Ball Retriever (Biggest)

  • $34.99

I Gotcha golf ball retrievers make all other ball retrievers obsolete...
No matter where your ball goes, if it can be seen, it's back in play or in your bag, FAST! Easy to use and speeds up play.

The I Gotcha Biggest 18-Foot Ball Retriever is durable, lightweight, extends to 18 feet (21 feet including arm reach), and collapses down to 45.5 inches to fit easily into your golf bag with your clubs. Its tough Lexan head securely traps the ball under any circumstances and is very easy to use. 

I Gotcha Features:
  • Durable construction
  • Easily traps ball
  • Ball will not fall out
  • Simple ball release
  • Durable aluminum shaft
  • Telescoping shaft design makes the retriever easy to carry
  • Works anywhere: Water, Bushes, Rocks, Mud
  • 1 Year Guarantee 
Aluminium Features:
  • Durable
  • Twist & Lock Shaft
  • Speeds Up Play
  • Stands In Your Golf Bag For Easy Access
  • Extends to 18 feet