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Trust-Tee - Pack of 4

  • $9.99

The Trust-Tee is a revolutionary patented technology made in North America that improves your golf game immediately. Developed through rigorous 10-year trials and tested using flight simulation technology, the Trust-Tee is the cutting edge of golf innovation. It is simple to use and guaranteed to adjust your hook and slice by an average of 10-15 yards. Stop wasting money with breakable tees and lost balls. The Trust-Tee will keep you out of the woods and on the fairway. 

  • The Trust-Tee is for the golfer who has a consistent Hook or Slice.
  • The Trust-Tee is the least expensive golf tee to help you get on the fairway.
  • The Trust-Tee can save you from lost golf balls and lower your score!
  • The Trust-Tee has been created to enjoy golf more often.
  • The Trust-Tee can increase your rate of play.
  • 3 inches per Trust-Tee
  • 4 UNITS per package - all the same color in each pack
  • Product is manufactured of Unique Resin Compound
  • Made in Canada