Breakmaster PLUS Digital Green Reader - Use With Free App


The  BreakMaster+  has all the functions of the original BreakMaster, PLUS Bluetooth connection to a powerful cell phone App.  This makes charting the greens on your favorite golf courses fun and highly convenient.  Your golf course charts go with you wherever you take your cell phone.  You can chart any number of golf courses (like the list on the left)

Simply place the BreakMaster+ on the green where you want to take a reading and the value instantly shows up on the cell phone drawing.  The arrow shows you the Break Direction  (downhill or fall line) while the number shows you the Break Amount  (degrees of slope).  The greater the number of the Break Amount, the  more the putt will break.  The lower the number, the less the putt will  break. 

Serious Golfers Chart Golf Greens

The BreakMaster App is an amazing tool that allows any golfer to chart their favorite golf courses.   The BreakMaster App is a FREE download from the iPhone App Store (Android version is coming in 2024).   You can even try it out before you buy the BreakMaster+.  Go to the App Store and download the App.

Use the App to create greens and fairway drawings for all your favorite golf courses.  First, enter Par, Yardage and Handicap for each hole on the course.  Then add hole charts for each hole like this example.

You can chart a hole from tee to green, or just the green itself.  It's up to you.  The greens drawing can be expanded to add loads of details and as many BreakMaster green readings as you desire. The drawing on the left shows the green in its most compressed form.  When you're playing, simply spread your fingers on the screen to expand the greens drawing as you approach the green.  Then land your approach shots and make your best putts with this information.  

On the App, you can draw the green shape, add width and depth of the green and all your BreakMaster+ readings on the green itself.  You can also add trees, bushes, bunkers, water hazards and other details to your drawings.

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