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Brush T Pro 3 Wood Tees

The 3-WOOD tee from Brush t PRO is ideally suited for any fairway wood or hybrid (3 to 9) and great for maximum clubface on the ball. Each tee comes with a storage case and ball marker. The 3-WOOD Brush-t is 2" or 52mm in overall height.
Distance: The lightweight but sturdy Brush t ® is based on a unique nylon bristle "cup" that supports the golf ball. The secret behind its success is the flexibility of the bristles which allow the ball to be struck with a minimum of resistance and deflection.
During the drive, your club is traveling at up to 98 miles per hour and anything that touches it at that speed is going to have an effect.
The Brush t ® bristles have been designed to do away with resistance from impact with the tee. The ball is supported largely by air which means that the speed of the clubface at impact is concentrated so perfectly on the ball, that the sheer kinetic energy helps create a longer and straighter shot.
Accuracy: Brush t eliminates up to 2% of left or right defelection* and that means greater accuracy for your shots. Over 300 yards a 2º deflection can make your shot up to 14 yards wide of the mark!
Pull out the bristle preserver.
To put the BRUSH T into the ground, place your thumb into the center of the bristles and press downwards firmly.

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