Callaway Chrome Tour Custom Logo Golf Balls (12 Ball Pack)


The Callaway Chrome Tour sets a new standard for tour balls; from the core's gradually increasing stiffness levels to the updated aerodynamics to the high-performance urethane cover, every aspect of Callaway's latest premium offering has been optimized to deliver superior performance.

While the technology inside a golf ball is massively important, it's all for naught if the components aren't consistently reproduced. The slightest imbalance in the core, mantle, or cover drastically affects the ball's consistency. Using 3-D X-rays, Callaway's exclusive Precision Technology measures and manufactures golf balls within an obscenely small 1/1000th of an inch, ensuring each Chrome Tour meets the most exacting standards.

The standard Chrome Tour is designed for players who prioritize distance and feel.

Callaway Chrome Tour Golf Balls Feature:

  • New Hyper FastSoft Core produces exceptionally fast ball speeds for longer distance
  • New Seamless Tour Aero aerodynamics deliver a consistent ball flight on every shot
  • New high-performance Tour Urethane Soft Cover provides outstanding greenside control with incredible feel

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