Flex Wheeler's BACK WIDOW OG


Flex Wheeler's BACK WIDOW® OG a Multipurpose Weightlifting Accessory, use with Barbells & Cable Machines. 

Used with barbells as a Bar Jack, Landmine Row, Dumbbell Row, & Push-ups  

Used on cable machine for 15 fast adjustment position for PERFECT RANGE OF MOTION! Lat Pulldown, Seated Row, Viking Press, Bicep Curl, Tricep Extensions.

Eliminate the HASSLE of fumbling around with different cable handles & barbell accessories.

Flex developed the BACK WIDOW®, not just for body builders training for Mr. Olympia, but also for all athletes who work out for strength or muscle definition.  The BACK WIDOW® is a game changer for your work out experience. Whether you use in your home gym or take to your gym to save time searching or waiting for shared cable handles, the BACK WIDOW® will energizes you as it allows fast and easy position adjustments to get that PERFECT RANGE OF MOTION!  "Patented"

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