Gender Reveal / Prank / Joke / Exploding Golf Balls by Sundown Golf - Box of 3

  • These novelty exploding golf balls are perfect for playing pranks on unsuspecting golfer friends or sharing the gender of your baby to family and friends. 
  • Each ball contains a different color powder - White, Blue & Pink. Use them all for joke purposes or use the pink to reveal that it's a girl or the blue if it's going to be a boy!
  • Each ball has the Sundown Golf logo and Ex-Distance with putting alignment arrows stamped on the them to give a more authentic look to the untrained eye.
  • A perfect gift for the prank golfer in your family. Ideal for birthdays, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, golf tournament prizes / giveways. 
  • The 3 novelty balls are packaged in a professionally designed sleeve box.

Sleeve of 3 exploding golf balls each containing a different color powder making them perfect for either a prank on a golfing friend or to use as a baby gender reveal to friends family or the father! The balls are packaged in a wonderfully decorated sleeve box and you will receive a ball containing one white powder, one pink powder and one blue. IMPORTANT: These balls are made from a plastic style construction and will shatter on impact. Please make sure no one is stood in front of the line ot the ball when struck. Likewise, do not hit in front of a window or any other object / construction where you think it could cause damage. Due to the novelty natural of this product they are lighter than standard balls.

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