ME AND MY GOLF Online Lessons and Gift Pack - Coaching Plans to Transform Your Game


Established as the Worlds #1 Online Golf Instruction Platform, PGA Professionals - Piers Ward and Andy Proudman (better known as Me and My Golf) have a global social following of over 1.25 million golfers of all ages. They blend core golf instruction with challenge based videos to create the perfect mix of information and excitement for their audience.

Choose from 6 different digital courses.

Break 100 is a carefully designed – but easy-to-follow – guide that lays out Piers and Andy’s secrets to breaking 100 in golf time after time.

Our game-changing approach to breaking 100 in golf is tried and tested on thousands of golfers who have managed to achieve their goal in a matter of weeks – some even sooner!

Break 90 gives you Andy and Piers’ secrets to breaking 90 in golf consistently, laid out in a simple step-by-step online coaching plan.

No confusion, no overwhelming, conflicting advice – just a single philosophy and practice plan to get your golf to the next level.

Tried and tested by thousands of golfers around the world, Break 90 is one of our most popular coaching plans, because it gets real results, fast.

Our plan contains 6 parts, but many of our members – players just like you – have broken 90 after just one part and have now set their sights firmly on the next milestone: breaking 80.

Total Driving is one of our most exciting coaching plans, giving you the simple tools and tips to bomb your drives longer and straighter than ever before – after just 5 short video courses.

With our online tuition and just 20 minutes of focused, effective practice after each session, you’ll find yourself SMASHING your drives with more power and precision than you thought possible.

But one of the most important things this plan will give you is CONFIDENCE. Confidence when you step up onto the tee box. Confidence when you look down at the ball. Confidence when you start your swing. And confidence when you walk past your playing partners to get to your drive.

That will naturally mean lower scores, but it’ll also mean much more enjoyable golf. After all, golf should be fun

Let world-famous PGA coaches Piers Ward and Andy Proudman give you the secrets to crisp iron shots, with an easy-to-follow video guide and practice plan designed to give you more confidence than ever on the fairway.

Transform your driving range sessions and develop a technique that will have you consistently puring your irons. Your playing partners will be jealous of the beautiful divots you take AFTER the ball.

How would it feel to cut out your fat or thin iron shots completely in a matter of weeks?

That’s exactly what Ultimate Irons can do for you.

Poor and inconsistent putting is the quickest way to ruin a scorecard.

That’s why world-famous PGA coaches Piers Ward and Andy Proudman have created Complete Putting, a simple and effective video coaching plan, packed with their best putting tips, techniques and drills from 20 years of coaching.

The best part? It tells you exactly what to practice and when, adding much-needed structure to your putting practice. It’s like having a personal trainer just for putting!

Get ready to say goodbye to haphazard putting practice and 3 putts stopping you reach your golfing potential.

There is nothing worse than having zero confidence in your golf chipping, knowing you’re going to duff your chip or thin it over the green. This is particularly disheartening given your short game and chipping is one of the most important aspects of golf for achieving consistently good scores.

That’s why we’ve created Complete Chipping, a 5-part Coaching Plan that will transform your golf chipping swing and technique, showing you how to play all the different awkward lies and positions, as well as chipping from the rough. We also give you the skills you need to take this to the course and read every situation you’re in.

In a matter of weeks, we’ll get you chipping with confidence, accuracy and consistency – those duffed and thin chips will be a thing of the past!

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