Sweet Rollz Midsize Golf Putter Grip - Uniquely Designed Putter Grips for Men and Women (Multiple Designs)

  • FEEL & FEEDBACK: The stitched synthetic urethane grip incorporates a low-profile embossed honeycomb pattern which allows the feel of the putt to transfer seamlessly into your palms – for the ultimate feedback while putting.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL: Each grip is made from a fabric reinforced polyurethane sheet with a thermoformed rubber inner structural frame. A layer of adhesive is added to the rubber, then the grip is hand-stitched together over the rubber frame.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Sweet Rollz Golf putter grips are made from the finest materials available and will not only maintain its performance with use, but improve with age and wear.
  • STYLISH: Our stylish designs are applied through state-of-the-art printing techniques. Choose from a large selection of designs to fit your personality.
  • MIDSIZE These midsize grips are 3.8oz / 107g and are 10.4 inches in length,. They are 1.2 inches across and 1.4 inches across the widest point at the top of the grip.

Formed in 2017, Sweet Rollz Golf was created with a simple goal – to breathe new life and style into golf, starting with the radical reimagining of the boring putter grip. For too long, attempts to add style and flair to golf accessories had mostly been cheesy and kitschy, or both. As a result, golf accessories have mostly remained unoriginal and, well, pretty meh. As we set out to design the “Sistine Chapel of putter grips” we wanted to be bold, but still keep it classy. The result is a beautiful line of super high-quality putter grips for every golfer who wants to make a personalized statement without having to sacrifice performance. We won't make any outlandish claims that your putter grip will magically lower your handicap or make you a better golfer. Practicing does that! However, we promise that our products will absolutely make a statement. We didn't create the putter grip, but we sure made it sexy. Everything that we design is meant to empower every golfer to express themselves in their own unique and personal way. We recognize that the most important conversations happen on the green. From friendly banter to deal-making. Sweet Rollz Golf wants to be a part of those conversations. Your foursome won't even care when you three- putt, because you'll look good doing it!

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