Tee Time Tees 'X' Style Golf Tee - Easy Grip Virtually Unbreakable Plastic Golf Tees 3 1/4 Inch Featuring Larger Cup Size for Added Stability - Pack of 25


Boost your performance on the golf course with our X-Styled Tee. Engineered to perfection, ensuring a seamless gameplay experience while adhering to the highest standards of the sport. Designed for easier grip while placing your ball on the tee, these 3 ¼" High-Performance golf tees conform to USGA tee regulations (Rule 6.2). Creating longer distance and more accuracy, each bag contains 25 tees, ensuring you have an ample supply for your rounds. Never worry about running out or compromising on quality during your golf sessions again.Experience the difference as our X Styled Tee elevates your game to new heights. With its innovative design, it creates a longer distance and enhances accuracy, giving you the competitive edge you've been seeking. Say goodbye to inconsistent shots and hello to improved performance with every swing. TRY ONE FOR YOURSELF AND SEE THE DIFFERENCE ADDING DISTANCE AND ACCURACY TO YOUR TEE SHOTS

  • UNIQUE 'X' GRIP DESIGN: Our 'X' tee is designed for low stinging shots and Par 3's with an easier grip when placing your ball on the tee, making it perfect for juniors, seniors, or golfers who may suffer from shaking hands.
  • OVERSIZED CUP: The oversized cup allows you to easily place the ball on the tee and keeps it securely in place whilst taking your shot. Conforms to USGA tee regulations (Rule 6.2)
  • VIRTUALLY UNBREAKABLE: If you are looking for unbreakable golf tees then Tee Time Tees are the perfect choice. This premium flexible tee is made from durable plastic meaning our tees are virtually unbreakable. Available in Orange, Red, Green, Yellow & white in our mixed 25 pack, or Black and Pink as 25 packs.
  • LONGER DISTANCES & MORE ACCURACY: How may you ask? Simply pitch the tee as our cup shape holds the ball in place for both straighter and tilted approaches. A standard tee you can NOT pitch forward for direct approach, NOR tilt back for direct elevated shot. With Tee Time Tees you can...!
  • PLAY FOR P.I.N.K: At Tee Time Tees, we believe in giving back. That's why we're proud to donate a 10% portion of the proceeds from our P.I.N.K. Tees to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through Play For P.I.N.K. By choosing our P.I.N.K. collection, you're not only improving your game but also contributing to a worthy cause.

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