The Alignment Ball - Golf Training Aid for Setup & Alignment - Alternative to Sticks/Rods

The ALIGNMENT BALL Practice Aim Golf Ball is a specialized golf training aid designed to improve accuracy and alignment for golfers of all skill levels. This unique golf ball shaped device helps golfers visualize their target line and perfect their aim. This practice aid is an excellent tool for golfers looking to refine their alignment and develop a consistent and accurate swing. The visual feedback provided by the ball allows golfers to train their eyes and body to align correctly with their desired target line, resulting in improved shot accuracy. Additionally, the ALIGNMENT BALL can be used in various training exercises and drills to enhance different aspects of the golf game. From improving putting and chipping accuracy to developing a consistent swing path, this practice aid offers versatility and adaptability to all golfers seeking to improve their skills. Whether you are a beginner looking to build a solid foundation or an experienced golfer aiming for greater precision, the ALIGNMENT BALL Practice Aim Golf Ball is a valuable tool to add to your golfing equipment collection.
  • DEVELOP A CONSISTENT SWING: The alignment ball can be used in multiple ways to develop a consistent and accurate swing. Use on the range, putting green, or on course in practice round. Bundle including a golf ball marker stencil and pen.
  • VISUAL FEEDBACK: Improve accuracy and alignment by visualizing your target line and perfect your aim, whilst perfecting your stance at ball address. Organize yourself to shape your shot with consistency and method.
  • MULTIPLE SETUPS: The Alignment Ball has multiple uses when practicing your swing. Use to align both your feet and swing path; setup to practice a draw or fade; use to improve your putting stroke. Introduce a couple of golf tees to enhance it's features.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN: Shaped like a golf ball, the Alignment Ball simply pulls apart allowing each half to be pushed into the ground with it's integrated supports. It features a 5 meter line and auto winds back into the ball after use.
  • CONVENIENT ALTERNATIVE TO ALIGNMENT STICKS: No more carrying cumbersome alignment rods. The Alignment ball fits perfectly in the pocket of your golf ball and can be carried in the palm of your hand.

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